Safe Cycling not only brings its deep expertise in risk management to the forefront of professional cycling races, but also prioritises safety. This focus aligns seamlessly with the direct interest of the teams, who are committed to protecting their riders. As part of an ongoing effort to take this safety commitment to the next level, the company is now actively seeking direct input from the peloton.

Therefore, a delegation from the team undertook a 4-day trip to Calpe, Spain. What makes this collaboration extra powerful is the involvement of the riders themselves. Safe Cycling takes the time to listen to the voices within the peloton. Through direct questioning, the company gains valuable insight into how riders experience specific situations and which security measures they prefer.

This move to a more participatory approach, where riders’ unique perspectives are heard, gives Safe Cycling the opportunity to develop customised solutions that not only meet security standards, but also align with cyclists’ real needs and experiences. By keeping the dialogue open and working with those closest to the action, Safe Cycling is laying the foundation for an even safer and more effective approach to cycling.

Safe Cycling expresses its sincere thanks to the pioneering cycling teams committed to this valuable initiative. Their dedication to collecting crucial data and opinions contributes to a safer future for professional cycling. Together, they are building a sports environment where safety, data-driven decision-making and athletes’ experiences are at the centre. A second trip is already planned in January that will allow us to reach even more riders!

Conclusion: A Shared Commitment to Safety

The synergy between Safe Cycling and professional cycling teams promises not only a safer sporting environment, but also a future where innovation, sustainability and social commitment go hand in hand. Safe Cycling is at the forefront of this movement, making cycling not only more exciting, but also safer, with direct input from the riders themselves.



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