At the heart of every cycling race, behind the flashing peloton and breathtaking sprints, Safe Cycling plays an often invisible but crucial role. For the company responsible for providing safety at cycling events, 2023 was a year of remarkable achievements and meaningful contributions to the safety of cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Leading Innovations in Safety Signalling

One of the notable aspects of the annual report was its emphasis on innovation. Safe Cycling introduced cutting-edge technologies in their safety signalling, including advanced LED technology reflected in the first use of the Safety Arrow and, in addition, the introduction of the safety fence that offers a more eye-catching and especially lightly transportable alternative to the often-cumbersome fences used today. This not only results in improved safety for riders and spectators, but also demonstrated the company’s commitment to continuing to evolve in the field of safety solutions.

Global Impact and Collaborations

The annual report also illustrated Safe Cycling’s expansion into new international markets. Through successful collaborations with organisers of major cycling races, the company became a trusted partner in ensuring the smooth running of events around the world. Safe Cycling was present in more than 175 stages, across 11 countries and for the first time across two continents, accounting for a total of 3500 securitised positions this year. Bringing the company’s total counter over the years to 12500.

At a time when security and innovation are crucial to the success of sporting events, Safe Cycling has clearly proven its role as a trusted partner for security signalling at cycling races. The annual report not only reflects the successes of the past year, but also promises a continued commitment to excellence and ensuring a safe environment for cyclists and fans in the future.



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