In an exciting turn of style and identity, Safe Cycling is proud to announce the launch of their new company logo. This change not only marks a visual evolution for the company but also embodies the ongoing commitment to progress and innovation in the world of safety for cycling races.

A Symbolic Change with Orange Flair

Safe Cycling’s new logo adds a touch of orange as the company’s important and recognisable colour. The addition of orange not only represents conspicuousness but also reflects the passion and energy Safe Cycling brings to the world of safety. This striking colour will become an integral part of Safe Cycling’s visual identity.

Importantly, the arrows in the new logo are not only a modern design feature but also a symbol of the constant push towards progression and advancement. They will be reflected on all our safety features, creating a uniform and recognisable look that emphasises Safe Cycling’s presence on cycling roads.

A Visual Evolution with Recognisability

Safe Cycling’s new logo is more than a visual identity; it is a promise of continued progress, commitment to safety, and the recognisable arrows as a symbol of the constant push towards progression. We look forward to keep working and make the roads of the future safer.




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