Our all-inclusive service encompasses us personally attending your event to deploy and oversee all materials, guaranteeing optimal performance throughout.

Safety Sign

Customisable Screen

Fully Automated Sound System

Commercial Space

Safety Arrow

LED Arrow

Fully Automated Sound System

Possibilities for Commercial Space

Crash Protection

Inflateable Safety Crash Wall

The Inflatable Crash Wall is an innovative safety solution designed to enhance protection in various environments. Standing 1.2 meters tall and extending over 5 meters in length, this crash wall is powered by a battery, ensuring easy deployment and mobility without the need for constant power supply.

Its design is not only focused on safety but also on versatility; it features dedicated areas for mounting banners and commercials, making it an excellent choice for events, sports facilities, and construction sites where visibility and advertising are key. Lightweight and durable, this inflatable wall offers a practical and efficient method to safeguard areas and promote brands or messages simultaneously.

Crash Pillows and Pole Protection

  • Sock Cover for Soft Poles: Enhance the safety and appearance of soft poles in your space with our durable sock covers. These covers are tailored to fit snugly over poles, offering added protection and a neat, professional look.
  • Crash Pillows: Ensure maximum safety with our Crash Pillows, designed to absorb impact in sports, playgrounds, and industrial environments. Their robust design minimizes the risk of injury, making any space safer for everyone.
  • Pole Protection: Protect poles and structures from wear, tear, and impact with our Pole Protection products. These solutions are crafted to shield and extend the lifespan of your infrastructure, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing safety.
  • And More in Development: Our commitment to innovation means we are constantly developing new products to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Stay tuned for more cutting-edge solutions in safety and branding.

Chevron Banners

Increase visibility and promote safety with our Chevron Banners. Ideal for simple navigation, these banners are designed to grab attention and guide movement effectively.

Customised Solutions

Our Customized Solutions cater to unique road cycling needs, offering tailored safety and visibility enhancements. Whether it’s adapting existing products or creating new ones, we’re dedicated to meeting your specific requirements for a safer and more enjoyable cycling experience.

Safety Fence

Mobile Fence System

Our foldable safety fences offer a versatile and mobile solution for creating visual barriers and managing crowd control.


Designed with high-quality materials, they are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be quickly deployed to ensure participant safety.

Emergency Exit

The waves formed between the fences provide riders with an emergency exit.