In our relentless pursuit of ensuring maximum safety for all participants, Safe Cycling implemented a comprehensive approach at Tirreno-Adriatico 2024. Recognizing the critical need for both early warning and precise guidance, we strategically combined the use of Safety Signs and Safety Arrows along the course.

The integration of LED-signs served as an initial alert system, effectively signaling upcoming obstacles and hazards well in advance. Positioned strategically along the route, these panels provided riders with crucial advance notice, allowing them to anticipate and prepare for potential challenges ahead.

However, we didn’t stop there. Understanding that mere awareness of obstacles might not suffice in fast-paced racing conditions, Safe Cycling took it a step further. In tandem with the LED-signs, we deployed Safety Arrows directly at the obstacles themselves. These arrows, affixed to reflective poles or placed directly on the hazard, offered riders clear and precise guidance on navigating through the danger zone.

By combining these two elements – early warning through LED-signs and targeted guidance via Safety Arrows – we ensured that riders not only knew about the hazards but also had actionable information to safely navigate around them. This dual strategy not only enhanced overall safety on the course but also instilled confidence in riders, empowering them to tackle challenges with greater assurance.

Through our innovative approach and unwavering dedication to safety, Safe Cycling set a new standard for risk mitigation at Tirreno-Adriatico 2024. As cyclists traversed the picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains of Italy, they could ride with peace of mind, knowing that Safe Cycling had their safety firmly in hand.



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