Arrow System 2.0


  • LED system
  • Different flashing patterns for various obstacles

Visibility, LED and Sound

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LED testing phase:

  • Tried both single LED strip and double LED strips.
  • Determined that two LED strips are the minimum for adequate visibility.

Cables and boxes:

  • During testing, some cables and boxes were left exposed for easy access and modifications (e.g., adding extra LEDs, more sound).
  • In the final design, everything will be integrated into the LED strip and not visible.


  • After feedback from Cedric, we know that siren type 1 – can be heard but not siren type 2. This meaning we will only use type 1.

Mount and Stability

Current Structure

Current structure: Simple wood solution used for testing purposes.

Final design:

  • Material: Aluminum structure for stability, lightweight, and ease of use.
  • Protection: Foam around the aluminum for added protection and softness during races.
  • Visibility: Tube insulation allows for strong, visible colors.
  • Optional exterior: Yellow colored “sock” with or without branding can be added.

Aluminum Structure with Pivot Joint

Current structure: simple wood solution for testing purposes.

Final design: aluminum structure with protective foam.

Pivot joint: allows adjustment of LED direction and angle.

Advantages of aluminum: stable, lightweight, and easy to use.

Testing phase: wood used due to smaller material quantities required.

Protection and Isolation

Protective material: tube insulation makes the structure softer and more protected during races.

Visibility: insulation allows for strong visible colors.

Optional exterior: “sock” with branding available if desired.


Can be attached to existing road furniture and structures.

New aluminum structure includes an option for a standalone foundation.

Foundation requires three screws for complete stability when mounted to the ground.

Controlling and sensors

Sensor and control options:

  • Compatible with the same sensors used for Safety Signs.
  • Future capability to connect directly to riders via BLE sensors, activating when a rider approaches.

Additional system capabilities:

  • Weather sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.)
  • Air quality sensors
  • Sound sensors
  • Additional sensors as needed

Testing Videos

Single LED

Double LED

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