Safety Sign

•LED signange

•Wokring on speed sensor for further automation

•12+ hours battery capacity

•Commercial space, in-house production in 2024

Safety Arrow

•LED arrow

•Sound system

•Commercial space comming in 2024/25

•Connected to same sensor system

Crash Protection

•Sock cover for soft poles

•Crash Pillows

•Pole Protection

•Chevron Banners

•And more in development..

Safety Wall

•Inflatable Crash Wall

•Powered by battery

Safety Fence

•Our foldable safety fences offer a versatile and mobile solution for creating visual barriers and managing crowd control.

•Designed with high-quality materials, they are lightweight, easy to transport, and can be quickly deployed to ensure participant safety.


•Several services and solutions

•Report before, during and after events

•Direct communication with race organisers, riders and teams.

•Safety Ranking system, developed over time

•Give organisers more capacity

•Race course driving and evaluation

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