Markus Lærum, Founder

Meet Markus, the driving force behind Safe Cycling. With a passion for safety and a love for sports, he embarked on a mission to revolutionize event safety.

From humble beginnings to leading the industry, Markus’s vision and determination have made Safe Cycling a trusted name in the field. He’s the one who pushes the boundaries, constantly seeking innovative solutions to keep athletes and spectators safe.

With Markus at the helm, you can trust that your sporting event is in the hands of a leader who truly cares. Get ready to experience the next level of safety with Safe Cycling.

Safe Cycling

At Safe Cycling, we understand that every pedal stroke matters. 

Founded in 2016, we have devoted ourselves to transforming the safety standards in the cycling world, providing unmatched safety solutions for riders, organizers, and spectators.

About Safe Cycling

Our journey

From our humble beginnings in Norway, Safe Cycling has grown into a recognized innovator in the field of cycling safety. Our commitment to delivering top-quality safety products has helped us build trust and establish strong partnerships with cycling events across Europe since 2019.


Our vision

Safe Cycling is not just a company, it’s a vision. A vision of a world where cycling races are the epitome of safety, where every participant and spectator can enjoy the thrill of the race without compromising on safety. Our aspiration is to lead the way in safety innovation, setting new benchmarks for all sporting events worldwide.


Our mission

Every day at Safe Cycling, we strive to live our mission. To provide state-of-the-art safety products and services that are dependable, efficient, and easy to use. To keep pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in safety technology. To work closely with organizers and sponsors to create safer race environments.

Our Values

Safety First

We prioritize safety above all else.


We are committed to continuous learning and innovation.


We believe in doing business ethically and transparently.


We collaborate to make races safer, forming enduring partnerships.

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